Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Grand Tour

Clarissa enters into a correspondence with Lovelace because her uncle requests from him a series of letters concerning his own experience with the Grand Tour. That link includes descriptions of related paintings and sculptures that can be seen at the Met, plus a short bibliography at the bottom of the page; here's another link to an exhibition at the Getty, and the wikipedia definition seems to me in this case fairly useful and informative.

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Cah2155 said...

As an Art History major as well as Comparative Literature it is always exciting when the two cross over, which I see they often do. I have studied the Grand Tour through Literature and Art History and it seems that artists, writers and young men in general had something different to gain from the Tour. I wish it was something still expected. Sort of like Columbia's Lit humanities and Art Humanities courses except the expectation would be that you would visit the major works rather than just reviewing them in class. Anyway always fun to read about it.