Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bits and bobs for annotation

Some things that caught my eye as worthy of further exploration/annotation:

The list of books at the bottom of p. 525

Smallpox (p. 659)

Private marriages (p. 668 and elsewhere)

Breast-feeding (p. 706)

"internuncioship" (p. 731)

The mechanics of keys, locks and keyholes in this period (p. 739)

Richardson's use of "indices" (p. 743)

"Clocked stockings" (p. 766)

Chancery (p. 784)

"Elopement" - the word and the practice (p. 804)

Tacit consent (p. 845)

"Private vices, public benefits" and Bernard Mandeville's works and reputation (p. 847)

Marriage licenses (p. 871)

Witches and demonology (p. 924)

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